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Member Perks

100 Points

Create your account and earn 100 welcome points!

Up to 10% OFF

Get at least 5% off discount to be a oclean member.

200 Points

Get 200 points for every friend you refer!

Ways to Earn

Sign up

100 points

Place an Order

1 point for every $1 spend

Celebrate a Birthday

30 points

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Ways to Redeem

100 Points

5% off sitewide code 

150 Points

10% off sitewide code

250 Points999px999px

Free pair of brush heads

400 Points

Free Bb01 travel case

800 Points

Free Oclean S1 toothbrush sterilizer


  • How do I join Oclean member club?
    When you creat an account on www.oclean.com, you will join to Oclean member club.
  • How do I earn my points?
    You earn points for every $1 you spend at www.oclean.com. You must be signed into your account to earn points for your purchase. 
  • Can i transfer points between different accounts?
    Sorry, points cannot be transferred between different accounts. If you've created multiple accounts, you can earn points for any of them once you signed into your accounts but you can't transfer points between different accounts. Points required for tier also must be earned under the same account.