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Toothbrush Replacement Heads

Oclean Brush Heads Refills

Oclean Brush Heads Refills

  • Compatible with all Oclean Electric Toothbrush Handles
  • FDA-approved oral safe material
  • Reduces plaque build-up along the gumline
  • Unique round brush head for a surprisingly enjoyable experience
  • Dentists recommend changing your brush head every 3 months

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What's in the Box

Brush Head Refills

Dental professionals recommend
changing your toothbrush head
about every three months.

Daily Clean

For daily oral care routine needs
DuPont™ classic bristles
for daily basic cleaning efficiency

W-shape design
for the best fitting

High-density bristles planting
more surface contact & gentle clean

Plaque Control

Better plaque removal
DuPont™ diamond
with Pedex
indicator bristles
gently remove plaque

W-shape design
for the best fitting

Delicate tongue cleaner
for fresher breath

Gum Care

Safe & gentle for
sensitive oral needs
Ultra-soft bristles
gently remove plaque

Diameter < 0.01 mm
for deep & thorough clean

High-density bristles planting
more surface contact & gentle clean
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Tailor-made for kids
DuPont ™ fluuorine-infused bristles
remineralize tooth enamel, resist acid, inhibit bacterial metabolism & improve oral health

Delicately designed and soft bristle
Gently remove plaque

Silicone brush head back
gentle for gum & teeth

Safety Guarantee